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morning, good day or good evening depending on where you are. if you take a look at the u.s. futures, remember, you have a three-day winning streak as we closed out on wall street. a little bit of strength in the futures if you take a peek at the fair value here today. the dow, nasdaq and the s&p, little change in the fair value. if you take a look at the bund in germany, first we'll take a look at the ten-year bund. set the peace. 3.27% is the yield there and you go home with, viola, 3.42%. we'll call it 20 basis points in your pocket. and the price of gold at this time of the day is going to sell for $940 an ounce. little changed on the session. becky, take it away. >> i want to get back on those euro zone august flash services pmi. it was a reading of 49.5, that is a significant increase from july. still, just fractionally below that 50 par level, if you like, and well ahead of the forecast, as well. 46.5 was what the analysts were looking for there. manufacturing pmi, again, 47.9. ahead of forecasts, ahead of the previous month, but still below that par level by just a fraction.
. no brent, we don't have brent, but it should be pulling, as well. mike, over to you in the u.s. how are you today? >> thanks, christine. doing well, thank you. hope you are too. and we're about 5 1/2 hours away from the opening bell here in the united states. and we do have the futures pointing toward a lower open across the board. basically investors doing a read through from what's going on in asia and china and barring a major meltdown in the stock market today. nonetheless, this could be the best stock rally, the best six-month rally, that is, since 1933. moving over to the treasury markets, even though we did see that slight selloff in the stock market on friday, we did see the price go up and the yield come down. that's continuing today at 2.3%, but maybe a pronounced selloff if we move on to the ten-year tee note. right now we have the yield pulling in again just a little bit at 3.4%. as far as gold is concerned, it did go up 1% in friday's trading, and it might be oil price related, christine was just talking about and also inflation fear-related, but we did see the price holding st
. >>> hey, thanks for joining us on hln. i'm natasha curry. our top story, a fourth body discovered after a midair collision. a small plane collideed with a helicopter, both fell into the hudson river. new york mayor michael bloomberg says it's believed all of the nine people on both aircraft were killed. here is how witnesses described the crash. >> there was a plane, a small plane like a cessna cutting back towards new jersey side. helicopter heading southbound about 1100, 1200 feet. the plane rolled into the helicopter, hit the side of it of the helicopter went straight in the water. there was a poof of smoke and a bang. it went further down hit the water by the w hotel and came down, a couple of pieces. >> what did you think when you saw it. >> tragic, bad. you look up and you see all the planes going around here and it's hectic. unfortunately this thing happens. the fact that it does happen -- it doesn't happen more often is crazy. >> it was turning, went down first. about three, four seconds later, i saw the wing for helicopters. there's no wing for helicopters, it was the rotor bla
with the actions of the mexican government. the mexican government has cooperated with us in efforts to stem this particular problem, to limit this particular problem and continues to work with us in ways we might reverse it. but the underlying problem as i said to president calderon and others, the underlying problem is in the canadian refugee laws and far too easy in canada to make a bogus refugee claim as a way of entering the country tli. we have to change that. it is unfair to those that are legitimate refugees and unfair to hundreds of thousands that are working their way through the immigration system. we will continue to work with mexican authorities to try and limit this problem, but in the absence of legislative change, it is very difficult for our government to control this, other than through the imposition of visa. it is the only tool available to us right now. we need additional tools from our parliament to stem the flow of bogus refugee claimants and also to have additional tools to deal with this kind of problem. >> alex panett amount, canadian press. >> translator: very impo
this in your e-mails as well, at what i think is a shift in how the democrats are approaching this. it used to be, this is the fringe. these are crazy people, the t bag people, the birthers. most of the town hall meetings are just fine. i think what they have seen is they have moved more against it than for it. >> the white house, it is becoming more assertive. >> they are. david axlerod sent out a six-page e-mail refuting a lot of what they called myths about health care. >> and asking recipients to keep forwarding it to their friends and neighbors. >> they are stepping up their offensive using the play books they used from the campaign, going viral and we will see the president tomorrow out in montana and colorado doing the same kind of town hall he did before. they are even trying to open these town halls up so they can refute these claims that they are stacking these town halls with people. >> here is a question that intreegs me. at these town hauls, these lawmakers go out there and have exchanges with their constituents, is it more likely that the lawmaker changes the view of the con s
but it is not clear whether all of them made it out of the building. >>> the u.s. military says 51 u.s. soldiers in iraq were diagnosed with swine flu. the associate press reports all of them have fully recovered after treatment but 71 other u.s. soldiers suspected of contracting the virus remain in isolation. ap says iraqi health officials have confirmed the country's first case of swine flu death. the woman was from the southern town of najaf. the u.s. military is testing any soldier with a fever or sore throat. >>> a public funeral is being held for 8-year-old robert manuel. his body was found in a canal in boise, idaho. he disappeared after leaving his mother's apartment on july 28th. police are investigating his death as a homicide. there is no evidence the boy was abducted by a stranger. manwill was visiting his mother. >>> president obama is flying to mexico for a two-day summit to meet with leaders of mexico and canada. they are expected to work on trade, immigration and drug trafficking. clean energy and the economic crisis are top priorities. all three countries have strong ties to the
it's monday, the 10th of august. thanks for being with us, most news in the morning. >> i'm kiran chetry. we're following several stories we'll be breaking down in the next 15 years. a drug war, trade dispute and swine flu, all of that on president obama's agenda today. we're live in guadalajara, mexico where the president meets with the leaders of mexico and canada. >> back here at home, democrats are trying to break through the noise of the health care debate, it's growing louder by the dachlt anger and frustration not playing out of town hall meetings, what you our viewers have to say ahead. >> the latest on the dramatic midair collision between a small plane and a sightseeing helicopter over the hudson river. a deadly combination after the two crashed and plummeted into the water. now wreckage and more victims have been recovered. also what investigators are learning about a possible cause. cnn's susan candiotti is live on the scene. >>> we begin with president obama in mexico for a summit with the leaders of mexico and canada it's a short trip with a long agenda from drugs an
>>> tonight on "worldfocus" -- >>> u.s. marines meet heavy resistance as they try to gain control of a strategic taliban-held town in southern afghanistan. could this be a sign of battles to come? >>> in taiwan, rescuers find more than a thousand people alive in the area around three villages buried beneath mudslides triggered by last weekends typhoon. >>> we continue to look at the impact of climate change on remote lands. tonight, we're back in nepal to see how a centuries old way of life is being threatened. where did the glaciers go? >>> and mexico's ongoing against drug cartels was a topic at this weeks north america summit. tonight our "signature story" focuses on one of the painful side effects of that fight. the disappeared. >>> from the world's leading reporters and analysts, here is what's happening from around the world. this is "worldfocus." made possible in part by the following funders -- >>> good evening. i'm martin savidge. >>> united states marines went on the offensive today. launching a major new attack on a taliban stronghold in the south of that country. hundr
's get on to our first guest of the show. joining us, paul day and makio camada from lgt capital. let's start by talking with, well, both of you about what's going on with this inflation/deflation picture. paul, let's start with you. do you believe we're in an inflationary or deflationary environment at the moment? >> well, i think that the inflation seem to be the ones that shout the loudest. my view is going forward for the next half of the year, deflation will be the big problem. it's something we've never seen in the west historically. so i don't think people have the perception of what deflation can do for the economy. if you look at the household deleverage, it's going to carry on going on in the united states. i feel that the deflation argument will continue. if you look at things, for example, the length of unemployment in the states seems at the highest level since 1958. we've got many, many mortgage resets coming along at a time when real bond yields are at their highest level since around 1994. i think we will have sluggish rates. >> paul, where do you stand? >> i think i m
the people and not about taking money out of the free enterprise capitalistic system that made us a great country and putting it in government pockets. >> grassley is the ranking republican on the senate finance committee, deeply involved obviously in health care reform bargaining process. let's talk about president obama, because he's fighting, one of the ones calling those health care reforms scare tactics head on. at a town hall in portsmouth, new hampshire, it was a lot like a campaign rally. the president accused special interest to scare and mislead people. outside the forum, protesters had signs that called him a socialist and protested what they see as a bigger government role in health care. president obama plans more town halls. the white house has launch add weshz to counter critics. >>> during the town hall, president obama says we have the aarp on board. the aarp which has 45 million or 50 says not so fast. the ceo says they have not endorsed any of the health care reform bill. aa rchl p is launch ag multi-million dollar advertising and organizing this to debunk critics. >>>
promised $3 billion for reconstruction. >>> it looks like u.s. support for the war in afghanistan is flagging. 50% of those surveyed think the war didn't worth fighting. joint chiefs of staff admiral mike mullen says he's concerned about that lack of support. he says afghanistan remains vulnerable to being retaken by extremist forces. >> well, i think it is serious, and it is deteriorating. i have said that over the last couple years, that taliban insurgency has gotten better. their tactics just in my recent visits out there certainly indicate that. general mcchrystal is about to wrap up his assessment, and he will come in with that assessment in detail, and i haven't seen that. >> you have no doubt he'll ask for more troops? >> actually, we're not at a point yet where he's made any decisions about asking for additional troops. >> three years ago the u.s. had about 20,000 forces in afghanistan. by the end of this year, that number will be 68,000, including 17,000 sent over by president obama. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan is expected to give a report in about two weeks on
minister tells us the iraqi army, police were partly responsible. >> the iraqi security forces should have done a better job because there were clear instructions. no trucks should move in certain parts of baghdad. >> do you think there is more to come? >> i think there is more to come unless the government shows it is up to this challenge and take some measures. >> it is fear corruption has left iraq's security forces full of holes. this businessman told us he often pays brides at police checkpoints to get his trucks through quickly -- paid bribes at police checkpoints to get his truck through quickly. >> the police let them go without searching them, which is a big mistake. this is common all over the country, not just baghdad. >> bombs could have been hidden under all that equipment? >> yes. the problem is the police do not live up to their responsibilities. >> we have heard countless other examples. i driver who takes four separate bribes -- a a driver who takes four separate bribes. and man who had money and jewelry stolen when iraqi troops did a search operation. it never happened he
's stories, go to our blog at cnn.com/amfix. and we're glad you're with us today. hope you'll join us again tomorrow. >> thanks so much for being with us. >>> right now the news continues with "cnn newsroom" and heidi collins. >>> three amigos meet south of the border. the summit on swine flu, trade, and the boarer. >>> a u.s. helicopter gun ship in action in afghanistan. watch what happens next. >>> and a restaurant worker, your health care, our focus in this make or break month. good morning, everybody, i'm heidi collins, it's monday, august 10th, and you are in the "cnn newsroom." >>> well, this morning, the battle of health care reform. congress is in recess, lawmakers are back at home, but voters are angry and they are on the offense. we'll talk more about that. >>> also, people still getting in each other's faces as you see here is this hot issue going to cool down any time soon? or more of these town hall meetings erupt into shouting matches? and our suzanne malveaux is traveling with the president. his health care is the top priority, top domestic priority, that is. but this morning
for -- in darfur. thank you for joining us on bbc news. china expresses its strong opposition to the taiwanese invitation to the dalai lama. the israeli prime minister meets with the german chancellor. >> the bbc has uncovered many cases of corruption involving iraqi security cases. the police and the army is blamed for stopping some bombings. it is believed that corruption is undermining their effectiveness. just two months ago, they took over security in iraq as american troops pulled back. the life or death question, can they prove themselves on the job? >> a camera on iraq's foreign ministry catches a suicide truck bomber last week seconds before it admits. . i-- it detonates. >> the iraqi security forces should have done a better job because there were clear instructions, no trucks should move in certain parts of baghdad. >> is there more to come? >> i think that there is more to come. >> mounting corruption has left the security full polls. this businessman told us that he pays bribes to get his trucks through quickly. -- mountain corruption has let security fool holds -- full of holes.
morning, again, everyone. i'm rick. >> i'm jamie colby. good to have you with us as the president heads on the vacation. number two on the healthcare reform push drops the bombshell. no public option to. now, the question about the controversial part of the healthcare reform push were dominating the sunday talk shows, even before the sebelius news broke. caroline shively joins us from the bureau in washington, d.c. this is a bombshell, caroline. i'm curious whether killing the pub llic insurance option, turning it to to cocan op helps or hurt the bill's chances? >> it will do both. on the senate side, it would absolutely help. on "fox news sunday," ken conrad, democrat, gang of six, bipartisan group in the finance committee negotiating this. he says there are not votes for the public option on this side of thing on the senate. so he came up with the idea for non-profit co-op run by the companies. the insurance company instead of government getting involved. it would help on the senate side. opponents of healthcare should take a look at it. if you look at the house side, three committees
. harrington with 11, 12, and 13 to drop to two under. tiger used that window to begin to pull away. playing the 362 yard par 4, 14th. he's requesting to try to drive it on the green. and guess what? this one ends up on the back fringe. we remind you, a 362 yard par 4. he would bird hey from there to move to 6 under. next up, the par 5, 15th. this is harrington's second shot, from the fairway bunker. up over a bunker, on to the green. paddy said afterwards, tiger told me he'd pay to see someone do that. so i asked him for 50s. shoots a 73. finishes 3 under through two rounds. tiger on 15. third shot chipping from off the green to within a foot. he would tap in. birdie. moves to 7 under. three shots on 15, birdie putt. and the would bogie 18, shoot 70 for his second round. phil mickelson trying to make a late run putting with the eagles on the 7th hole on the front nine. he started on the back nine. makes it, shoots a 74. second straight day. sits at plus 4. 11 shots back of tiger woods. who is the story. four-shot lead over five players, lee westwood, ian poulter five off of missing the cut.
of fireworks lately. tell us about the tone of this event. >> outside, it has been very feisty, but inside, it was very respectful, bonilla, -- vanilla, calm. the president going around trying to find some opposition. one woman got up and said she was a pose. he winked at her, and she fell apart. shepard: the president addressed some of the tactics. >> he called the misinformation tactics. he took on one thing that has been out there possibly about how your health care may change. let's listen. >> the rumor that has been circulating a lot lately is this idea that somehow the house of representatives voted for death panels that will basically pull the plug on grandma. >> president obama spent a lot of his time at that town hall meeting basically trying to say what was in his plan. shepard: a lot of disinformation is out there. i wonder if the white house has found itself -- at least at this point, it seems clear they have not been able to match their opponents' campaign of disinformation, and the white house seems to be struggling. do they have a plan? >> they thought getting the president
from the top u.s. commander there. >>> and a big drag for a suspected robber who led police on a three-mile chase. they ended up chasing him not just to catch him but to save him. >>> i'm chuck roberts. welcome on a monday hln "news and views." diver are scouring the water for the two remaining victims of saturday's crash of a sight-seeing helicopter and a small fixed wing plane. that crash killed a total of nine people and this morning divers working in near zero visibility say they think they located the plane. they say they hope to pull it out of the water today. most of the chopper was plucked yesterday and the ntsb says it was close to intact. alert witnesses on both shores, the new york and new jersey sides of the river, caught the crash on their cameras. and the ntsb says their quick action is helping them piece together exactly what happened. >> we've had some very good information from eyewitnesses. we have some footage, some pictures that you all have seen that shows immediately after the collision some of the break-up sequence and the two aircraft actually falling towards th
the only place you will get the whole story. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. we will see you right back here tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. eastern. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- trace: search teams have now found the wreckage of the plane involved in that deadly mid-air collision above the hudson and there was a body inside. plus, we now have 911 tapes from just seconds after the crash. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. the news starts now. chaos in the skies. >> we sought right wing of the airplane contact the helicopter. both aircraft descended into the hudson river. trace: tonight, even as bodies are still being pulled from the river, we are learning new details about the crash over the hudson. and we're asking you questions about the rules that require to you fly at your own risk. it was a tragedy that unfolded before the eyes of the city. a sightseeing helicopter and a small plane colliding off manhattan and plummeting into the hudson river. nine people died in that crash. and
. he spoke to us by phone from new york. >> mr. shriver was really an authentic american hero. the work that she did touched honestly millions and millions and millions of lives and when you look at the shriver family between special olympics and the peace corp. and best buddies, they really apit mize what public service is all about. mr. shriver was such a role model for so many people around the world, certainly in our local area and this is a huge loss for our community. >> she met him en he was a classmate. we have much more coverage of the life and legacy of eunice kennedy shriver on our website, wusa9.com. attached to the story you'll find a slide show and the entire statement issued by the special olympics about her passing. >> a woman who went to check on a relative's cat end up the victim of rape. it pp haedenin loudoun county whe e erthedsheriff's departmen is looking for help in solving the case. peggy fox has the story. >> i can't believe something like this would happen. >> in this area. >> you wouldn't expect a crime like this to happen out here, where fiel
't get in and were locked outside. >> won't even let us in. they've blocked us out. >> my son has the right to live. >> no doubt. >> my son has the right to health care. >> you don't really think you're going to get that, ma'am, in this bill? >> we have to do something. >> that's what i hear from the liberals. we've got to do something. a bad bill is better than nothing, i guess. >> this health care reform town hall meeting in downtown memphis spawned more than one screaming match. >> i'll make this my first priority and yes, i have read the bill. >> -- taxes. >> please don't yell out, this is america, this is memphis, tennessee, take two aspirin and come back in the morning. >> reporter: boos and cheers greeted ed perlmutter. proof people are passionate when it comes to health care reform. >> i just appreciate the fact that you're all willing to take time to come out. thank you for exercising your civic duty of talking to your congressman. >> scenes like that playing out all over america. and it's not only the crowds losing their cool at these town hall shout downs. listen to geo
which claimed over 50 lives. his home has been a sanctuary for al-qaeda, a problem for britain and the u.s.. he has focused on targets here at home, bombing of pakistan because it backs the west. security in islamabad is being stepped up for fierce his followers could try to take revenge. -- for fears his followers could try to take revenge. he declared war on his own country and people. they told us they do not believe he is dead. they have heard that before. others say they have a sense of relief, not just for pakistan, but for the world. >> we do not need these people in power. we are not believing in what he is doing. he is absolutely bad for us and our nation. >> another said that america was bad, too, for killing innocent civilians with drones. it was a drone which targeted baitullah mehsud, able to reach him in a remote terrain where troops could not. the mission was directed from thousands of miles away. the white house is suggesting it was a job well done. >> if the reports of baitullah mehsud's death are correct, there is no doubt the pakistani people are safer as a result of it.
will be rationed and medicare cuts and tax dollars used to fund abortion. >> are those true or are those false sf. >> in general, false. >> reporter: lori robertson from nonpartisan factchekt.org. >> hope people would say wait a minute, that doesn't sound quite right. let me look into that a little more. >> reporter: many americans are angry about the recession and all of the bailouts and big government. >> it is housewives and it is bus drivers and it is plumbers and people with real jobs that just feel like things are out of control in washington. >> reporter: fatcheck.org says president obama is untruthful when he says health care reform will be paid for when the plan is a work in progress and who pays is not yet settled. one way to get past the myths is to go to the website. fatcheck.org. politifact.com. both organizations say they are neutral and nonpartisan. wendy, back to you. >> steve handelsman. >>> it was a celebration at that time white house in honor of the newest supreme court justice. president barack obama introduced justice sonia sotomayor in the east room this morning to thundero
. they will be on display at the memorial. netanyahu used the occasion to refer to lessons that should be learned from the holocaust. >> it does not happen because the main civilized power of the powers of the day did not act in time to stop the arming of barbarism and armed barbarism knows now limits and has to be unarmed, disarmed in time. >> reporter: netanyahu also said that he expected chancellor merkel to take a strong stand against iran's nuclear ambitions. he said iran posed a direct threat to israel's security. merkel said germany is prepared to take a tougher line with iran if that becomes necessary. >> translator: iran has been asked to participate in negotiations. if they fail to respond to these requests, we will consider stronger sanctions in the energy sector and other appropriate sectors such as the financial sector. in fact, we will not merely consider this, we will discuss with the international community how best to implement these sanctions. >> reporter: merkel said netanyahu should show more flexibility and ott issue of settlements on palestinian land. germany has called on israel
own town hall meeting. steve: kelly joins us from washington, d.c.. tempers are flaring last night. >> we have seen a lot of this going on. in the state of maryland, we're talking about senator cardin. outside, you are looking at the protesters shouting. these are the protesters for and against health care. those are hearing and shouting at each other. fortunately, no violence. on the inside is where the sparks were flying as well. the vigorous debate continued on the inside. it was pretty much the same thing on the outside. here is what center been carted -- senator cardin was facing. >> united states ranks 37th on health care results out heaof 191 countries. >> if you will just allow the senator a few more moments and we will get to the questions >> basically, you have people using their right of free speech and been very vigorous in their debate against health care. this has been going on across the country. the president of the united states said he welcomes vigorous debate, but in the long run, he would like to see more cooler haneads prevail. brian: i heard the stuff was goin
>> this is what every doctor tells us, i've never seen nothing like this before, in so many years of being a doctor. >> reporter: now this mother says she is running out of hope. >> more than anything, i just truly want somebody to say i've seen this, i can help this family. i don't care where we have to travel. i don't -- i will go wherever we need to go. i'll do whatever i have to do. i just please want somebody to help my baby. that's all. >> we talked to some experts on this extremely rare condition. it's sometimes referred to as hemolacria, which is often linked to a blood clot, a benign tourism growth near the eye or maybe even an infection. in most cases the infection can be treated once the underlying cause can be determined. i'm heidi collins. cnn continues now with tony harris. >>> it is monday the 31st of >>> it is monday the 31st of august. -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com here are the top stories in the cnn newsroom. >> we ask you please, please, please don't put your lives in danger. we don't need any more victims of this fire. >>> a los angeles area wildfire tu
we'll treat it first. most families in china earn less than 1,000 u.s. dollar as year. the 15 cents is affordable health care. but reeed. we can't afford to treat major illnesses, she says, we're afraid if it's serious we'll have to spend a lot of money. but health care reform is also important to this economy. the chinese have an incredibly high personal saving rate. currently that's to cut against medical bills. the government is imposing a better health care system will mean that they save less and spend more. that will be good for economic growth. to do that, they have sun verse sal health courage of 20/20. >> here is tony harris. >> good morning, everyone. this is august 10th. the top stories in the cnn "newsroom." >>. >>> divers look for bodies in the hudson river. >>> a growing appetite in small town america. good morning, everyone. i'm tony harris and you are in the cnn "newsroom." temperatures are reaching a pitch and the chanting, the yelling, the hard to reach the debate through all of the noise. to determine what happens with health care reform, we'll cut through all of
. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm michelle guillen. >>> claudette made landfall in the florida panhandle early this morning, the first named storm to hit the u.s. main land this year. claudette moved onto the shore at ft. walton beach as a tropical storm with maximum winds of 50 miles per hour. the storm dumped heavy rains in some area but is expected to weaken over land and is not expected to cause significant damage. forecasters have been watching two other storms over the weekend. ana, headed toward the gulf of mexico, is dying out. bill is farther away but potentially the most dangerous of the three. hari sreenivasan has more. >> reporter: claudette came ashore less than a day after forming over the gulf coast. ana is already weakening, but bill has forecasters watching and worrying. >> it does look like, first of all, bill is going to be the first hurricane of the season, probably the first major hurricane of the season. >> reporter: forecasters recently scaled back their predictions for this year, saying they expect only 10 named storms instead of
. >> president bill clinton. >> killed by a u.s. missile strike. a terror offensive. and putin's show, more holiday again. welcome to this week. this week showed an emotional reunion, with the north korean president and a former president to pull it off. two journalists freed after bill clinton traveled halfway across the world to meet kim jong il. adam brooks reports on the return and the impact the episode might have on the un. >> their plane touched down at dawn. the two journalists had just been rescued from the prospect of 12 years in the korean labor camp. hannah lee, who is 4, had not seen her mother since the arrest at the border. >> we were taken to a location, and when we walked through the doors, we saw standing before us. >> it takes 10 weeks to assure the reunion. >> degree and we all saw on television is a source of happiness not only for the families, but for the entire country. >> the white house wanted this to be seen as a mission of mercy, but it might be more. it winds its way up the chain to the oval office. its nuclear weapons, missiles, and intentions, have been a worr
. >> our cnn terrorism analyst, peter bergen talking with us from kabul, afghanistan, who happened to be in kabul during the time of this explosion. peter, thanks. we'll talk with you again. since it is the top of the hour, we want to bring viewers who might be joining us up to speed on the news out of kabul, afghanistan. one hour ago, an explosion oc r occurred on the streets of the capital. defense ministry spokesman tells the associated press this was a suicide car bombing. the attack happened, we do know this, near the headquarters of nato and the u.s. embassy. we have seen video of the smoke. here's the street scene of what occurred just after the explosion. we have also received video into cnn of people who were injured and people being administered health care by rescue teams there on the scene. and so we'll continue to get more information about what happened, how many were injured, was anybody killed? we have on the street for us, as well, atia abawi of our team there in afghanistan. she joins us with the latest. atia? >> reporter: natalie, we're still waiting on more inf
in atlanta. 5:00 a.m. on the west coast. good morning, everybody, thanks for joining us. >> i'm in today for t.j. holmes. we are getting new information on that helicopter plane collision over the hudson this morning. nine people died in that crash and at this moment divers are getting back into the water for the recovery effort. we'll talk live to the national transportation safety board in a few minutes. >>> also, this video, chaos in california. fires, inmates, and injuries overnight at a prison. >>> plus, health care reform, what is really going on? >> i read things about the house health care plan and found that much of what they're telling me is not true. >> congressional members holding health care town hall meetings are hearing an earful. >>> well, investigators, they are searching the murky waters of the hudson river this morning for clues as to what caused a helicopter and small plane to collide yesterday. no one is believed to have survived. searchers pulled three of the bodies from the water yesterday. susan candiotti has more. >> reporter: as is sun sets, divers who could ba
.s.-burma campaign. thank you for joining us. a bit early to get too much reaction from america, but i assume that you will hear the same condemnation there that we heard from europe? >> we believe so. the obama administration has been conducting a high-level policy review of their policy toward burma and said today that they would announce it after the verdict. >> here in europe, the french president, for example, calling for stiffer sanctions as part of the opposition movement. do you think that is what is needed? >> it would certainly help. the type of sanctions that the president sarkozy was talking about, i would add oil and natural gas to the list, those are big moneymakers for the regime. key is moving at the security council, engaging china and pressing for an arms embargo. they rely on the ideology of the military to justify power. stopping to sell them -- stopping selling them weapons would have a huge impact. >> i am interested in this faith that you have in the u.n. system. what makes you think that china will do anything different now? >> they have not really been pushed. in the
. it make for pretty pictures this morning as the sun begins to come up. it could be more rainfall for us as well, scattered rainfl. takeat laik oo hd radar. we'll show youer k e whth precipitation is at thf y ouoft to the est. we did have showers off to the they've pushed fsey'thedveushve offshore. it is a od tuhihi because some goodhunderstorm activity off the coast there. we're not dealing with that here. there car aeeplarou of showers showing up to the north of fredericksburg. it is probably very light e at o ble ofy urand probably some of th notemen vehitting the ground. more persistent rain out to the west that will make its way into our region although not all of that will stay intact. here are the current temperatures at the area airports. 75, reagan national. 75 at dulles. 72 at bw incident marshall. forecast for today looks like this. as gurvir mentioned, plenty of clouds today and, as i mentioned, some scattered showers and thunderstorms. showers here and there this morning and then later on today, some widely scattered showers and thunderstorms. every day this week, our chan
in a very readable book and i know that john and elizabeth had have special comments for us and join us for the q & a afterwards. so please join me in welcoming to the podium, john roberts. >> just a little bit over 50 years ago, a very enigmatc monk sailed into the harbor of new york to settle into the saw it's. i decided to start this morning talking about him, because he turned out to be the living human bridge in a changing political movement to maintain tibet's freedom that began as a cold war operation in the 1950's under president truman, and continued to become a counterculture cause up till today, where it's a mass global movement. and that transformation of a political movement to maintain freedom for an occupied country is really a kind of profound thing. the monk was a colmic mongolian. they shared tibetan buddhism going back 50 years with the dalai lama and the tibetan theocracy. he never would have come to the united states if it weren't for world war ii. at the end of world war ii, there were many displaced people in the soviet union including in mongolia and a coup of ca
in the shoulder. it happened last night in cherry hill. john sherman joins us live from city police headquarters with more on the story. >> police insist this was a random, accidental shooting. the police commissioner has known the victim for years. >> it is absolutely ridiculous that people are still suffering this way. >> this is cherry hill community leader shirley folks'home, and this is the bullet hole. last night, a random shot passed through here and into her shoulder. >> incredibly unfortunate and horrible that miss shirley is sitting in her house and she gets hit by stray bullet. >> he came to know mrs. shirley during his time leading the southern district. >> here is a lady who has dedicated a big chunk of her adult life to making the neighborhood say for -- safer. we are going to get on top of this and hold those responsible and accountable. >> as to speculation she may have been targeted for past support of the police, the commissioner says there is simply no evidence. >> she is a great partner to of us. people need to be clear. this is not a case where she got hit because she had a
to recover. >>> the search for chemical weapons in a northwest d.c. neighborhood is on holdor now. the u.s. army corps of engineers stopped its search for world war i munitions in the spring valley neighborhood. after a worker digiscovered an ith a c werh a mustard agent. the discovery was made last week at a vacant home behind american university's campus. the school was once used to develop and test chemical weapons during world war i. workers have been searching for munitions for a number of years now but it is unclear when or if further excavation will take ace. >>> still no cause yet to a fire that damaged this home in white oak today. firefighters were called to a home on symphony woods drive this morning. when they arrived they found flames shooting from the back of the house. three propane tanks that were in the back were on fire. the flames quickly spread to the second floor andatic of the house and no one washurt. firefighters rescued three pets from the burning home. >>> the dogs that attacked and killed a young man in leesburg have been put to sleep. loudoun county animal contr
firefighters find several dozens snakes inside a home today when they respond to a call. >>> the u.s. senate this afternoon voted to confirm sonja sotomayor as the first hispanic justice of the u.s. supreme court. she is now poised to become that first latina to ever hold that position. i'm jim handly. >> i'm wendy rieger. jim and doreen are off this evening. tomorrow with a deadline, the senate is racing to complete other action, as well. >> reporter: good evening. up here on the hill today, the outcome of the sotomayor confirmation balloting was not in doubt, but this was still dramatic in the senate. the final vote looked like history in the making. senators standing to say yes or no. >> the yays are 68 and the nays are 31. >> reporter: confirmed as a supreme court justice sonja sotomayor 57, raised poor in new york, parents from puerto rico, a brilliant student, a prosecutor, a federal judge for 17 years. nominated by presidentobama, sotomayor will be the first has panic to sit o the supreme court. every democrat heaped on praise. >> she is extremely intelligent and she represents the am
confronted at the exit used a can of pepper spray on the security guard and headed down the street. >> a few hours for the phones to in. sources say they knew who it was. confirming a hunch by the investigating detective, this person was in fact a man. >> tips from citizens as well as law enforcement and other government entities came in to the detective. he worked them. and thought he had a good identity and then obtained a warrant. >> reporter: when he was stopped by police in the district last thursday, bradley was -- >> dressed as oma wan his i.d. showed his name toa be a male. >> reporter: this shows bradley dressed like a woman. it was attn ke woeyars ago after ybads lebway convicted overtreats passing on private property. when we talked to david hill back wa niearly august. he was keen on identifying the shoplifting because of the assault against the guard. the suspect then took off down wisconsin avenue heading for the friendship heights metro station. johnathon bradley was arrested in the district last thursday during a traffic stop when police say his name was ran they f
long we didn't know if anyone was coming for us." >> reporter: with the only road into hsiao lin and several other remote villages still washed out, rescue efforts have been painfully slowed. medical teams trying to get in on the ground have been forced to wait. we've been here hours now and so far escavators have made little to no progress in clearing the road. it ri mains very much a liquid rover of mud and the constant rain is making matters worse. we're not getting through this engineer tells us. it may still take days. and so the government's answer, send soldiers in by air. the first group touched down in hsiao lin to a scene of utter devastation. currently the entire village is buried says taiwan's deputy minister of defense, and we have not even started to look for the missing from neighboring villages. by late afternoon, hundreds of survivors had been airlifted out of the region. but thousands more remain unaccounted for. at a nearby high school, relatives of those missing waited to hearals. these sisters last heard from their parents saturday. they told us hsiao lin vil
your money. you can follow ali and me on facebook. make sure you john us every week for your money, saturdays at 1:00, sunday at 3:00 eastern time. log on to cnnmoney.com. have a great weekend. >>> a new salvo in the battle of other health care coverage. is the public option in or is it out? >>> hot, dry weather fuels california's wildfires. crews making progress against the flames. >>> a big city mayor comes to the aid of a woman calling for help only to get hit in the head with a pipe. the attacker still on the loose today. hello, i'm melissa long, in today for fredricks whitfield. and you are in the cnn newsroom. >>> we focus our attention right now on the severe weather in the southeast. due to the sudden development of a tropical storm it is taking aim at the panhandle. more on the storm from jacqui jeras in the severe weather center. talking about ana, bill, now this is the focus. >> yeah, claudette, focused because it is aimed right for the florida panhandle. as you mentioned this is a tropical storm this developed in the overnight hours, tropical depression it has been stre
government reacted sharply that u.s. authorities made it clear, neither did they want a compassionate release or prisoner transfer, they preferred compassionate release. >>> serious accusations after a devastating bombing in baghdad. iraq foreign minister said it must have been an inside job. the government said high-level security personnel have been detained. at least 100 people were killed in the strength of attacks. more than 500 wounded. it was the country's deadliest day since the u.s. pulled combat troops from iraqi cities nearly two months ago and left security in the hand of the iraquis. he thinks more serious attacks will occur. >>> the president may be vacationing in martha's vineyard but that doesn't mean he can forget about work. planning a local tv ad campaign for martha's vineyard. the conservative group has spent $150,000 on the ad urging president obama to drop the government-run insurance option. >>> death toll from typhoon battered taiwan that jumped to at least 650. the country's premier calls it the worst weather disaster to hit taiwan in 50 years. authorities believe mor
for -- in darfur. thank you f ining us on bbc news. china expreesits strong opposition to the tainese invitation to the dalai lama. the isrli prime minister mets with the german chancellor. >> the bbcas uncoveremany cases corruptio involving iraqi security cases. the police and the ay i blamed for stoppg some mbings. it is believedhat corruption is undermining tir effectivens. just two months ago, they too over security in iraqs american troops plled back. the li or death qution, can they provehemselves on the job? >> a cama on iraq's foreign mintry catches a suice truck mber la week secon befor it admits. . -- it detonates. >> e iraqi serity forces should have done better job because there were clea instructions, no trucks should move in certain par of baghdad. >> is there re to come? >> i think that there is re to come. >> has left the security fullpolls. this businessman told us that he pays bribeto get his trucks throug quickly. -- mountain corrtion has let security fool holds -- full of holes. >> pice will search them. this i common all over t country. >> the problem wi the police is they
member's burial. did the deputy go too far. debate coming your way. slogan comes to us from don weaver. 6:00 a.m. you could be sleeping miss "fox & friends" and all day you will be sleeping. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- steve: you missed that rooster, didn't you? brian: did i miss that roost err err. gretchen: brian is back. we're not sure where you were. brian: extensive journey down 27 to monday -- montauk. it's totally different climate. 60 miles away. a lot of big fox fans there. they would watch you guys every morning and go this is what you guys missed. steve: we missed you. glad to have you back a lot to talk about today. brian: i'm touching my knee and you are touching yours. what's on your mind? gretchen: why don't you continue to touch your knees and i will do the headlines. brian: that's a great idea. gretchen: this happened when you were away, brian. the divers are going to be back in the water today searching for the last two victims in a crash between a plane and sightseeing helicopter in new
glad that you're with us on this tuesday. i'm christi paul. welcome to "hln news and views." so good to see you. breaking news we're learning about today regarding michael jackson. he'll be laid to rest on what would have been his 51st birthday in glendale north of los angeles on august 29th. that's next saturday. a family spokesman says the singer will be buried in the cemetery's great mausoleum which features replicas of the works of michelangelo. the ceremony will be limited to family and close friends though. remember, jackson died on june 26th. >>> his family though may file a wrongful death lawsuit against the late singer's concert promoter. a family attorney says jackson's family thinks aeg live played an active role during the last six months of his life and apparently paid for dr. conrad murray's services. remember, murray is at the center of a criminal investigation into jackson's death. >>> i want to let you know we are getting breaking news in. we're just learning here journalist robert novak has died. his family says he died of cancer. the longtime columnist was a cnn ho
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